Energy Services on Demand

Increase energy productivity, and competitiveness

Dramatic reductions in electricity costs

Reduce CO2 footprint

Achieve NET ZERO ENERGY outcomes

Our services

Print Power is based on the Energy Transformation Program (ETP) which deploys a full suite of energy solutions for your business, using a managed service model.

There is no capital investment required of your business.

Your business makes no investment.
All PRINT POWER™ investments are provided by PRINT POWER AUSTRALIA™ and paid for through energy bill payments.
Stage 1 Power Delivery

Elevated grid voltages cause loads to consume excessive energy.

Voltage Optimisation will reduce load consumption, reduce CO2 footprint, and protect equipment by extending asset life. Delivers immediate financial benefit through reduced energy bills. 

Stage 2 Energy Efficiency

High daytime loads and increasing automation in the manufacturing industry provide opportunites for load flexibility.

Enhances efficiency of all major loads, through upgrades to systems. , including HVAC, lighting, BMS, VSD and other load improvements.

Stage 3 Renewables and Storage

Local PV generation, with battery storage systems.

Enables load management, reduced maximum demand, non-stop power for critical operations. Enhances the value of solar PV generation, without exporting surplus power to the grid for low rates.


Achieve a NET ZERO ENERGY business, with non-stop power, drastically reduced CO2 footprint, and enhanced profitability.

Depending on the size of your business, you should save between 40-80% of your existing electricity bill, on a sustainable basis.

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