Industry led energy response

Print Power Australia has a shared vision of enabling manufacturing competitiveness in Australia within the printing, packaging and allied industries, whilst at the same time achieving sustainability goals.

The needs for low cost and aquality energy supply has led to an innovative business, focused on  Print Power Australia.


Print Power Australia (Print Power) was established initially to meet the energy needs of all members of the printing, packaging and allied industries in Australia and New Zealand. Print Power is an industry platform, not restricted to or limited by any other association membership requirements. As an open organisation it is sharply focused on the needs of the all industry participants within Australia and New Zealand. If you are in the industry, Print Power is designed to service your needs.

Print Power is focused on providing innovative leadership within the printing, packaging and allied industries:

  • Appropriate and effective energy solutions
  • People you can trust, with a track record of delivering on commitments
  • Understanding of the needs of industry members
  • Self funded packages for simple adoption and deployment
  • Unlocking additional profitability 
  • Delivering outstanding green outcomes, to reinforce the achievability of sustainable green solutions
  • Delivering other services and benefits from the Print Power value chain partners (the Print Power Alliance)

Print Power Australia is exclusively focused as a National energy initiative called “Print Power Australia”, in association with Ultima Capital Partners (UCP) and a group of energy / engineering companies, all Australian owned organisations.

The purpose of Print Power Australia is to deliver enhanced power quality to benefit your business's operations, reduced energy costs to assist your bottom-line, and a long-term sustainability benefit. These benefits have been urgently sought by all serious participants within the printing, packaging and allied industries, to provide them with the most valuable response to the ongoing national energy and sustainability challenges.

The Boards of all partners that comprise the Print Power Alliance have appointed and authorised Print Power Australia Pty Ltd as the exclusive authorised energy efficiency solutions provider to wider printing, packaging and allied industries within Australia and New Zealand, for these offers:

  • Voltage Optimisation and other power quality solutions
  • Energy efficiency and other infrastructure equipment
  • PV Solar and Energy Storage
  • Related services

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